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I'm thinking that would get rid of most of the timeouts. The internet would be slower than it would be when no one was on, but at least you won't have slow downs and timeouts during peak hours. Oct 28, 2.

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Messages: 84 Joined: Jun 5, Are you sure you don't mean 1mbps up 5mbps down? Oct 28, 3. Messages: 34, Joined: Jan 2, Do you do any type of traffic shaping?

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I noticed after I started using PFsense here, that my internet connection doesn't feel so worthless like it had in the past. YeOldeStoneCat had recommended this option for me.

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Ha, sorry about that, yeah I meant kbps, been a long day Like I'm not talking about priority traffic or anything, I just want to allocate a certain amount of max bandwidth that a user can consume, so that everyone can max out there allocation, but not affect the speed of other users. I'm not sure if that makes sense Thanks for the suggestions. Any others out there? Oct 29, 7. I hate to say it, but that is not nearly enough bandwidth for the amount of users you're trying to support. Especially if your users are browsing social networking sites which often times have video and audio content.

And like I said before, to limit bandwidth on a per switch port basis, rate-limiting is your only option. Oct 29, 8. Support Videos. Option to log or not log traffic matching each rule. Highly flexible policy routing possible by selecting gateway on a per-rule basis for load balancing, failover, multiple WAN, etc.

Aliases allow grouping and naming of IPs, networks and ports. This helps keep your firewall ruleset clean and easy to understand, especially in environments with multiple public IPs and numerous servers. Transparent layer 2 firewalling capable - can bridge interfaces and filter traffic between them, even allowing for an IP-less firewall though you probably want an IP for management purposes.

Packet normalization - Description from the pf scrub documentation - "'Scrubbing' is the normalization of packets so there are no ambiguities in interpretation by the ultimate destination of the packet. The scrub directive also reassembles fragmented packets, protecting some operating systems from some forms of attack, and drops TCP packets that have invalid flag combinations. This option causes problems for some NFS implementations, but is safe and should be left enabled on most installations.

Disable filter - you can turn off the firewall filter entirely if you wish to turn your pfSense software into a pure router. The pfSense software is a stateful firewall, by default all rules are stateful. Most firewalls lack the ability to finely control your state table.

Wat is pfSense®?

The pfSense software has numerous features allowing granular control of your state table, thanks to the abilities of FreeBSD's ported version of pf. Adjustable state table size - there are multiple production pfSense installations using several hundred thousand states. The default state table size varies according to the RAM installed in the system, but it can be increased on the fly to your desired size. Each state takes approximately 1 KB of RAM, so keep in mind memory usage when sizing your state table. Do not set it arbitrarily high. Keep state - Works with all protocols. Default for all rules.

Sloppy state - Works with all protocols. Less strict state tracking, useful in cases of asymmetric routing. This option includes the functionality of keep state and modulate state combined. On the global side, we classify traffic into different priorities.

Comparison of firewalls - Wikipedia

On the per user side, we start knocking down their priority based on consumption. So a simple example in your scenario could be: if a user consumes 10Mbps for more than 10 seconds This would reset once their consumption decreases within that time interval. We've found using priorities helps allocate fairly and allows a client to use available bandwidth. We use.. This is pay for software. You are having 50 offices share the same bandwidth? Is this a campus environment or are they funneling back through a VPN? The Shaper in pfSense allows you to guarantee bandwidth for certain queues, but also allows a queue to if you want it to borrow bandwidth from another one if the other one isn't using it.

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