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If you have multiple email accounts, look for clients that handle multiple addresses. A disadvantage of these services is the advertisements. There are paid options that are less expensive than Microsoft Office and have different features. Share Pin Email. A former freelance contributor who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Updated April 01, Information in this article applies to Outlook for Mac. For free Mac email programs and services that do not expire, consider these choices:. Continue Reading. The links did not take me to a German language page.

Because of that I wonder if you tried the suggestions in this discussion or found this discussion and added your new question without checking out the above. Unless you meant that the steps and sites didn't make sense to you and they may as well be in German. It is the English version of the instructions. The page also contains the download links for the English language version.

I'm only telling you this because it's New Years Day and today, and only today, I'm a nice guy. I rescued them from my old hard drive after my old laptop died and do not have access to a PC. Thanks so much! Worth a look anyway. It's free P.

Moving from Outlook Express to Outlook

Thanks for that. Unfortunately, I tried that and it didn't give me the option. Perhaps because it was Thunderbird for Mac, on which it is assumed one cannot have OE files! Discussion is locked. Follow Follow this discussion and email me when there are updates Stop following this discussion. Please remember to be considerate of other members.

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Find free Mac email programs and services that do not expire

I used A Better Finder Rename for this. Launch Mail. I hope this helps someone, because I had trouble following all the other tutorials. And I hope someone who goes thru this process fills in all the little details that I left out such as the default directory of the mozilla profiles folder and the extension of the mozilla mail index, etc. That hint was absurdly tedious. Created a temporary email account with your ISP, 3. Created a folder structure in that account that mimicked the end-user's structure, 3.

Drag the messages to a local folder structure, 7. Far less tedious. Only have to be patient enough to allow your emails to upload then download on IMAP. You can drag and drop batches of MS Outlook. It reads them and identifies attachments. Unfortunately, it seems to only save 1 message at a time, which is a pain.

Import a .pst file into Outlook for Mac from Outlook for Windows

I wonder if it would work, but if you missconfigure your incoming mail server in Outlook so it does not download your mail automaticaly , and resend yourself all you saved mail and download it in to your mac, you would have the messages transfered without any other software. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse.

This was all done using just drag-and-drop and point-and-click with just these three apps -- no scripts are necessary.

Manual Approach has Its Own Drawbacks

There are other ways to do this it seems, including setting up IMAP servers and such, but I found this method to be easier. If Entourage is your target, you'll have to modify the procedure below, but it should be straightforward. I've chosen to use Apple Mail to get familiar with its features. This method preserves all attachments and headers from Outlook Express from my observations.

Getting all my email transferred over took me a few hours to complete including experimenting with the method I had over msgs, about 15 MB in the Inbox and Sent folders in my case , and a bit of work, but it is not difficult. Before starting, I make no guarantees of any kind of this procedure, especially of its correctness; it has worked for me and I am simply passing it on in case you may find it useful. Use at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damages, data loss, etc. The drop took a little over three minutes on my PC for exporting messages.

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  6. Verify that the number of files created matches the number of msgs in your OE Inbox right-click on the Inbox icon in OE and select Properties to get that number. By the way, the exported files are ". Fortunately for us, OE has this convenient feature.

    Check if any ". If so, I found that Entourage didn't accept files with the. I had two of these for some reason and both were junkmail, so I deleted them.

    You may have to rename yours to. Repeat all of the above for your other OE folders "Sent," etc. Each OE folder should have a separate Windows folder. In Entourage, create a new subfolder folder branching off "On My Computer. If it doesn't, check that you only have. Note that this operation would take a little while to complete; Entourage, or Mac OS, may not respond for a few minutes. It took my Mac three minutes to drag and drop You'll have to do this for "Sent" and your other OE folders, but not now; you have to do this one folder set at a time.

    Entourage will create one folder with one message inside it for each. The messages are considered imported to Entourage at this point, though in an inconvenient fashion. CAUTION: If you drop messages into your Entourage Inbox unintentionally or other built-in folder , you can end up with thousands of subfolders underneath it which will have to be deleted one by one and not as a group. It's possible to delete them manually, but it is not pleasant. Please be careful and just drop the messages only into your new subfolder.

    Create an Entourage Mail View that excludes all folders even the one new subfolder. This'll be a nuisance if you have lots of Entourage folders, but hopefully it can be managed. The point is to identify the messages just imported and consolidate them in one view listing. Check the view for errors. Sort it by date and scroll through from the start to end to check if the topmost and bottommost messages have either empty dates or today's date and time in it. If there are such messages, these are errors and you can correct or delete them if you wish.

    If you wish to correct them, look in these messages and pick out text that you can use to identify the. These messages will have "From" or "To" in the beginning of the message after the header, all you'll need to do is change them to "Fromx" or "Tox" or similar to prevent the message body to be confused as part of the header.