Mac flood and mac spoofing attacks

In this situation switch will broadcasts all received packets to all the machines on the network. In this case, an attacker will use legitimate tools for malicious actions.

MAC address spoofing

The figure shows how an attacker can use the normal operating characteristics of the switch to stop the switch from operating. To do this attacker uses network attack tools for MAC. The network intruder uses the attack tool to flood the switch with a large number of invalid source MAC addresses until the MAC address table fills up.

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When the MAC address table is full, the switch floods all ports with incoming traffic because it cannot find the port number for a particular MAC address in the MAC address table. The switch, in essence, acts like a hub. Network attack tools are generating about , MAC entries on a switch per minute. Depending on the type of switch, the MAC address table size can be different but is always vulnerable to the flood attack.

What is MAC Flooding? How to prevent it? - Interserver Tips

Sooner or later the table will be filled up. In the picture, the attack tool is running on the host with MAC address C. This tool floods a switch with frames that contain random bogus source and destination MAC and IP addresses. The attacker will need just a little bit of time for the MAC address table to fill up. In this moment it cannot accept new entries. Technique employed to compromise the security of network switches.

MAC flooding

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195 MAC Flooding And Spoofing

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  4. In this mode, you are notified that a security violation has occurred. Specifically, an SNMP trap is sent , a syslog message is logged, and the violation counter increments.

    How can I protect my device against MAC spoofing?

    It also sends an SNMP trap , logs a syslog message, and increments the violation counter. When a secure port is in the error-disabled state, you can bring it out of this state by entering the errdisable recovery cause psecure-violation global configuration command, or you can manually re-enable it by entering the shutdown and no shutdown interface configuration commands.

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    This is the default mode. Protecting against MAC flooding attack.

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