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ISO file. It is available in 3 versions so you can download according to your need. Get a copy of VMware Fusion 4 and install it on your Mac. And now you are ready to install Windows on your Mac. Follow the instructions given below to enjoy the ultimate experience of Windows Run VMware Fusion. Click on New and select Continue without Disc.

This way, you can install Windows without burning the.

Now click on Choose a disc or disc image option and select the. Installation again was very slow. I started it off before I went to bed, and it was just finalising stage 2 when I got up! However, VMware tools did install automatically on this occasion. So I would endorse using the x64 version for this reason even on a laptop.

I just rebooted after installation of VMware Tools, and had to wait 30 minutes for the login screen to re-appear and another 5 minutes from login to desktop appearing.

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Also everything other running app Camino, Finder slowed down to a complete crawl. Does anyone have any tips for better performance? I think I can answer my own question: I kind of suspected that that was the answer. I turned it off during installation, but it does work once installed. This will be a great way to let Windows hang around a bit longer with an expiration date being enforced. I have installed Windows 7 on Fusion 2.

I had no networking at first, it said adapter not recognised. Found this, which worked perfectly… http: I have used fusion and windows 7 beta on the bootcamp partition without any problems. Any advice? Install was fine, very smooth, and things seem to be working fine with the exception of video calling using Windows Live Messenger, which experiences a several second lag between video and voice at the other end.

Has anybody else seen this, or have any idea how to fix it? Running fine on an 8GB Q system. So the answer is RAM, and lots of it!

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You should be able to complete the install then then enter the key to fully unlock the license. The Vista, and XP install for that matter, went off without a hitch … I am unable to get Windows 7 to install correctly. Has anyone found a way to resolve this missing driver issue? I also have windows 7 running. Mine is running from a physical disk. I encountered a few problems but I was able to fix all of them 1 Windows 7 was crashing on boot with error 0xcf.

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  7. I noticed Windows 7 likes to create a MB backup partition and this was causing the problem. Fusion recognized it as boot camp partition and it booted normally. After trying to transfer the driver from another windows7 install I did from within vmware Fusion I found the solution by Ernie Oproto and WoodyZ worked flawlessly.

    If the line is missing add it to the end of the file. You should make the edit while Windows is shutdown, not suspended and Fusion closed. Win 7 in bootcamp. Planning to do this; a new MBP 17in on the way for the purpose. Have researched the best practice of running Win7 64bit w.

    Install Windows OS on Mac OS X using VMware Fusion

    Seems that it is not the best idea to install it as Boot Camp? But how bad is it compared to just installing win for Fusion? What does your experiences tell you? Out of the box my MBP has 4gb ram..

    Install Windows OS on Mac OS X using VMware Fusion

    Hey, I installed w7 on vmware fusion but as the windows server Does anyone know how to install the correct driver? I can second what Leonardo B. Alves said. Is that possible? Anyone could advice? Windows 7? For the best possible experience on our website, please accept cookies. For additional details please read our privacy policy.

    Run Windows on OS X: Installing Windows 7 in VMware Fusion. What is VMware Fusion? One of the drawbacks of using an Apple computer i. Macbook Pro, iMac, etc are the numerous applications available only to Windows machines. VMware Fusion is the answer for those who want to use an Apple computer but need access to Windows based software.

    In this virtual machine you can install software, run applications and use it as you would a regular Windows machine, all inside your Mac. It is the ideal solution for corporate employees who need a Windows environment for networking or to run native Windows applications, like full Microsoft Office. Fusion is also useful for the average consumer who would like to purchase Windows-only software, like a CD label maker. VMware Fusion is available through VMware.

    I will be running VMware Fusion 3. The full system requirements are as follows: You will also need a licensed full-version disc of Windows 7, not an upgrade disc. Microsoft Windows and Version: Windows 7," as seen in Figure 1. Using Easy Install will bypass the Windows setup screens that help you create a user account, password, etc and complete those steps right now.