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It also has another way to add books. Open your iBooks app, drag and drop the books you want to add.

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  • Install Kindle Reader for Windows or Mac PC.
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  • How to Read Kindle Books on Mac!
  • In the library, you can see them and right click the book to choose read option. This is a necessary step for you to transfer Kindle books to your mac.


    But how to achieve it. So here is the method. If we want to read books with Adobe Digital Editions, we must convert their formats to ePub.

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    After you do that, you can continue the next steps. You can check official Adobe to download it. Open Adobe Digital Editions for mac app. Drag and drop the converted books to Adobe Digital Editions. Right click the book and select the read option.

    From Kindle to Calibre to iBooks

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    My folder is named "Kindle 4 Mac Items". It's important that 'automatically convert added files to the current output format' is checked. We click apply. Now after we hit apply, Calibre will automatically add the kindle books, strip the DRM off them, and convert them to ePubs. Not bad. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the books from Calibre to iBooks automatically, so I just drag them into iBooks from Calibre. There's a thread on this topic here , but that workflow didn't worked for me, so I'm sticking to dragging for now.

    But hey, the books convert nicely from Kindle to ePub, along with images and table of contents and all that jazz. The key folders inside the Kindle volume are audible , documents , and music. The audible folder is where audiobook files from audible. But the most important folder is documents : this is where all your books, newspapers, and magazines live. Copy the file to your Kindle's documents folder to add it.

    Kindle only reads books in the Mobi, PRC, and plain-text formats. Kindle does a bad job with PDFs.

    How to Read Kindle Books Free on macOS

    The good news is, Project Gutenberg and many other ebook resources offer downloads in a Kindle compatible format, usually Mobi. Some independent ebook sellers, such as Fictionwise , also sell books in Kindle-compatible format. The book should automatically appear in the list of books on your Kindle.

    The added files show up automatically. Download the free app Calibre and use it to convert ePub files to Mobi. Amazon also offers some file-conversion services itself.