How to create a table of contents in word for mac 2008

To do this, you'll need to hyperlink your chapter titles to an Anchor within your document. To hyperlink your chapter titles: Go to your first chapter title and highlight select it From the top menu bar, click Insert and select Hyperlink In the pop-up window, check to make sure Document is selected In the Anchor section, click Locate In the pop-up window, click Headings and select the chapter title Click OK Repeat these steps to hyperlink all chapter titles in your manuscript The TOC will appear with working links to each chapter in your book Be sure to click on all the chapter titles in the TOC to make sure they're linked to the correct chapters.

You may need to remove additional spacings or line breaks.

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Making a Table of Contents in Word for Mac on Vimeo

If you're having a problem and need assistance, please contact us. Help Topics. Contact Us. Have feedback? Can't find your answer in our Help pages? Search Help. Create a Table of Contents in Word A working table of contents allows readers to go directly to chapters or sections by clicking links in the table of contents TOC. This feature is so important to Kindle customers that Amazon requires all Kindle eBooks with chapters or sections to have a working TOC. Want a tool that can help you create a working TOC quickly and easily? Check out Kindle Create.

Prefer to create a TOC yourself? If you're already familiar with TOC features in Microsoft Word please note there are multiple versions of Microsoft Word available and some features may change among versions , the Overview below might be all you need. If you need more information on how to use Microsoft Word, check out their support page.

Use that style instead. Modify it if you want. Solution 2: Create a new style that looks like the Heading 1 style font, font size etc. Hi First of all thanks for this superb article. I got a problem in updating the TOC. While updating I want only the main headings to be updated but right now it gets updated along with the subheadings too and I need to manually delete them. Is there a solution wherein the TOC updates only the main headings? Please let me know. Many thanks. But right now the subheadings are also getting added. Is there a way to fix this issue.

However, you can set it so the TOC only displays 1 or 2 levels of headings, not 3 default or more. See this post: I hope this makes sense but if for example — 1. United Kingdom — was then changed to 1. I have a couple of different questions. First, is there any way to actually see the toc codes? Second — When I create the table of contents, the first and sometimes second paragraph is included in the toc. I have a feeling there are some hidden toc or other codes that are causing this. Any suggestions for how to find these? The original document was provided by the client.

Then right click and select Toggle Field Codes. Repeat to turn the field codes off again.

Creating a Table of Contents in Word 2007

As far as paragraphs getting included in the TOC, they likely had a Heading style applied to them and then were manually formatted to look like normal text. You need to apply a normal style to those paragraphs. See this blog post: How do I get the full list of contents back on the document. Please help as I have assignments that need to be in very soon. Thx in advance. That will sort it out for you. I have uploaded a video to Youtube https: I really need a solution for this issue, not a work-around, an actual fix.

If anyone can help I will be eternally grateful. I addressed it in a blog article but first published it in Your toc should be fully functional again without the page numbers. Specifically when I try to create a TOC I only get a some text from the document instead of all the paragraphs and sub-paragraphs which are numbered and in bolt letters. Any suggestions?

Create a Table of Contents in Word 2011 for Mac

You cannot create an automatic TOC without using styles. See this post for how: When updating my TOC in Word , all the tables in the document lose their formatting. How can I correct this? Can you clarify exactly what loses its formatting — the table captions?

2011 Microsoft Word Table of Contents (Mac)

It was as if I made a table with white border lines and shadings. I decided that the file was corrupt because restarting my machine did not change the behavior. So I selected all, copied and pasted into a new word document, and that solved my problem. Having the same problem with TOC.

When I make changes and go to update the TOC all of the format of the text just changes to a basic font and size. No more italic subtitles. I have worked on the same document before using Windows 7 or one machine and Windows 10 on another. The problem only happens on the Windows 10 machine. Any suggestion. I figured an update or something happened. Help, it is frustrating not to be able to work on the document at home.

Change the font for a table of contents

The icon still works fine and the TOC updates without issue. I added the TOC3 formatting because it was missing. I have to highlight them and click on the TOC3 formatting again.

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If you applied it manually, it will disappear the next time you update the TOC. If you modified the style, then it should hold. To modify the TOC3 style: Hover over the TOC3 style to show the drop-down box icon, then click that icon. Select Modify. Change the settings either on the Modify Style window, or for more settings, click the Format button. Once changed, click OK to close all style windows. Auto numbering is off within my document.

Another header in the same document shows 8 on one line and a separate line shows Scope.

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Any solutions? The only thing I can think of to check is the tab setting for the TOC 1 style.

1. Why does my Table of Contents look a mess?

Word flips to unresponsive when I update TOC in my document. I have to go to Task Manager to close the programme down. Can you help? I have created an automatic table of contents, but only 3 of the 5 chapters are working correctly. I manually entered the page numbers for the 2 chapters, as well as the references and appendices.

How to I get these to have automatic charateristics as the others? See this blog post for instructions for Word and later versions: This is Word Thanks in advance, Karen. This behaviour has been happening for any years see https: There happens a space between the lines after updating tables of contents. And I could not make TOC into its original format.