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Navigating Chrome on Mac by Keyboard: Chrome Menu Options

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Start a separate Chrome app on OSX with flags from Terminal

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  • Start a separate Chrome app on OSX with flags from Terminal |
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  • Start a separate Chrome app on OSX with flags from Terminal.
  • Useful Chrome Command-Line Switches and What to Do with Them.
  • Useful Chrome command line switches!
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The -user-data-dir command line flag has stopped working. I use this flag to run different instances of the Chrome Browser one for work and one for personal. Today, this flag stopped working. I've attempted to open from the command-line as well, and while Chrome does open with no errors or warnings, it doesn't open a new instance and instead opens the default user profile.

Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Google Chrome I'm working around this issue by downgrading to the stable branch of Chrome. Although I would like to know if this feature is being done away with. I tried looking for any recent changes to this flag but was not able to. In the meanwhile, if possible, can you try to run different profiles using this flag on another PC? Hello Matt,. Jerome sorry for not hunting down the appropriately accented characters I honestly haven't used the multiple profiles switcher since they introduced it because my current solution was adequate.

I would assume, though without testing that the killer feature of being able to use the flag with multiple desktop shortcuts versus the profiles, is that I can pin multiple instances of Chrome to my taskbar and assign them to shortcut keys on my keyboard.

Browser Launch API

Me and my team have tried to reproduce this issue on M56 and 58 but did not run into any issues. As you are using this flag I am assuming you have 2 Chrome shortcuts to launch different profiles so can you also share. Other platforms accept both upper and lower case. Start with the profile with the given path. Firefox , Thunderbird and SeaMonkey2. Runs Firefox in headless mode , which is very useful for purposes such as debugging and automated testing.

Open URL in a new tab.

Firefox and SeaMonkey2. Open URL in a new window. May not be applicable in older Ubuntu for Firefox 20 and later, confirmed to work in Opens a new private browsing window in an existing instance of Firefox. Firefox 20 and later only. Open URL in a new private browsing window. If a private browsing window is already open, a new tab is opened in the existing window. Firefox 29 and later only. Does not work in Firefox 31 on linux mint 17 nor on Firefox 48 on Windows 7.

URL opens in a non-private window. Search term with your default search engine. Firefox and SeaMonkey 2. Open URL in a new tab or window, depend on the browser option. You may list multiple URLs, separated by spaces. Firefox and SeaMonkey only.

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Start with mail composer. See syntax rules. Thunderbird and SeaMonkey only. Start with the news client. SeaMonkey only. Start application with Browser Toolbox formerly Browser Debugger. That is different to Venkman debugger see option -venkman. Start the debugger server on port. This will enable another instance of Firefox to connect the Firefox Developer Tools to this Firefox instance. See the article on remotely debugging Firefox Desktop. The port argument is optional, and if it is omitted, the server will listen on port Start with the JavaScript debugger, Venkman , if installed.

Applications may be uninstalled per usual methods for your system.

Useful Chrome command line switches

Installs the extension into the application directory. The parameter is the path to the extension. You must have administrative privileges. Note: Since Firefox 2. Installing from a network share directly will no longer succeed. Launches the application with all extensions disabled, for that launch only. Extensions are not loaded, but are not permanently disabled in the Extension Manager data source.

What are all of the command line options for Google Chrome? - Ask Ubuntu

This feature was removed in Firefox Write messages for the debugging console into the window which launched the application instead of opening a new window for the debugging messages. Only supported on the Windows operating system. Print the list of all available command line options. This option is available only in a command console.