Does mac os x need virus protection

The Mac isn't immune to viruses , Trojans , backdoors, ransomware , adware, and spyware. The main difference between Mac and Windows PCs is that no successful viruses written for OS X have shown up outside a security research organization. It's not impossible to create a virus that could infect a Mac; it's just more difficult because of the nature of OS X and its security model.

Even though no known viruses target the Mac, it's not safe from attack.

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The Mac OS, its included applications, and third-party software have security issues that can allow an attack; however, the attack isn't likely to be from a virus. Currently, adware is the most common type of malware that infects the Mac.

The term anti-virus covers a wide range of malware that could target a Mac. Anti-virus programs don't just protect against known viruses; they also include anti-phishing, anti-adware, anti-spyware, anti-ransomware, and other tools that keep a Mac from picking up malware as you browse the web, open email attachments, or download apps and extensions.

The downside is that many of the Mac security apps available are ported Windows security apps that have a long list of Windows-based malware they protect against but don't include Mac malware in their databases.

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These apps may also cause the Mac to run slower, especially if these apps run in the background and consume resources to operate. It is possible to forward an email or an Excel spreadsheet that contains malware from a Mac computer to a Windows computer that does not have anti-virus software installed.

Security apps that were ported from Windows protect these Windows computers in mixed computing platforms. Using anti-virus software that has active components that run in the background and continually scan for malware is not recommended. Using active scanning apps may decrease the performance of the Mac, cause stability issues, or prevent some apps from working correctly.

Do you Need an Antivirus for Mac?

Being security conscious is probably the best defense against any of the threats that may target the Mac. Part of the long-held belief that Macs are less susceptible to viruses may spring from the simple fact that there are fewer Macs than PCs.

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Criminals create viruses to make money off the cyberattack — it makes sense to go after the PC first, as it's the bigger target, and therefore holds higher potential value. But Macs numbers are growing — both in business and in the home — while PCs are falling. Gartner, Inc. Mac computers are popular among consumers because of their sleek design and ease of use, and the popularity of iPhones and iPads is breeding more consumer familiarity with Apple products in general, helping spur more interest in Mac computers.

Mac antivirus: which is best at detecting threats?

Great news for Apple, maybe, but the growing numbers also mean the OS X could start to look like a very high-value target to cybercriminals. Aside from the targeted cyberattack, human interaction or error is more likely to lead to a virus infection. These infections could stem from a variety of "unsafe" computer behaviours, such as:.

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Humans make mistakes, after all, and the consequences can be brutal on your computer. It just means Mac owners need to be aware that, yes, their Macs can become infected, and they should take steps to protect themselves.

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Not just for peace of mind, either — Mac antivirus software is a fundamental security practice, and it's something every computer owner should do. A free antivirus for Mac software trial can be a good starting point. The trial allows you to get familiar with the level of security that can be attained with the product, and it helps you get into the practice of home security.

Although there are a number of free antivirus options to choose from, it is important to select a product that is well-supported and maintained, and that offers sufficient scope of protection.